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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Craft Party @ my house!

Some of the kids' creations.

Hey there...

For those of you who don't know, I'm a chalkie!  Yep... a teacher and I LOVE my job.  Only thing is, lately, I didn't feel like I love my job.  Was it the beautiful and curious 3 and 4 year olds I spent my days with?  Nope!  Of course not, they're the best part of my job.  Was it the laborious paperwork, the kind that people who are not teachers may not be able to imagine?  Nope!  It was other things... Politics... Judgement... Lack of christian action and pastoral care that we proclaim to hold strong, yet the administration don't pass on to staff...

Anyway!  I'm 35.  I believe we should seek inner happiness during our life.  If we are not happy, we should investigate why and change things to chase that dream.  And, lucky for me I am in a position where if I'm not happy, I can change things - ie, my job!  So, after lots of support from my husband and a long time to follow through with my decision, I left my job in April.  I thought relief teaching would come thick and fast, the money would be similar, the stress would be non-existant and all would be good.  Only thing is weeks passed and no relief happened... One week, two, three, on to five, six seven...  Always having worked in a private system of schooling, I was not yet registered to work in government schools.  I enquired about becoming registered and it's a long process but I'm on my way!

I did get a call in my ninth week "off" and went into a Pre-Primary class.  Filled with nerves, and a damaged self-esteem I headed off and within five minutes I was "home".  I am supposed to be a teacher.  I told my Year One teacher (when I was six) that I wanted to become a teacher and followed my dream right through school.  I always felt lucky - and still do I guess - that I was so sure of what I wanted to do.  Called back to that wonderful classroom for another day in the same week confirmed my belief - I needed to leave the school, not the profession.

Anyway, of course - after finally getting some work, school holidays follow!  But I'm a teacher!  I can be a teacher anywhere, not just at school... Even in my own house, right?  I threw it out on facebook - who wants to drop their kids off for four hours?  $20 (WHAT a bargain!!!!) and I'll craft with them all day long.  Not really sure of how I'd go, I was overwhelmed when I had SO much interest.  20 children were quickly "enrolled" in my lil project.  And today was the second day this week I had my sessions in my home!  What a success!!! Had so much fun, (wasn't in it for the profit, luckily!!) My own daughters had a ball, crafting away amongst their friends - some new and some old.  I earned a tiny bit of money and I'm HAPPY!!! 

And that's what life is about!  Thanks for reading!

Creating memories, one moment at a time.



  1. Hi Shannen thanks for sharing - great to see the kids workshops have gone well and that you have been able to re-connect to a profession in which you truly belong x hugs x

  2. How exciting! Good on you! They will love it! GAh to the registering process, I registered but they still put me through the ringer. You'll get there, meanwhile, loving that you can keep up the skill in your own sweet way. Love it. x

  3. Hi, Shannen! Good for you going through your registration process!!! Good story!!!

    Thanks visiting me, and I loved having you stop by!!! I do hope to hear from you often and get acquainted -- I just love my family-friends!

    I'm following you, so I'll be here often to see you too, of course!!!

  4. P.S. Can't wait to see some of your scrapbooking my friend!!! LOL!!! And, for sure, welcome to the blogging neighborhoold!!!

  5. Great post! Absolutely true that you need to find your happiness. I'm in the same situation that you were in in April. I know where my happiness lies- I just need to figure out how to get there :)

  6. What an inspirational post about finding your happiness - such a great message! And what a great idea having kids over to craft! They all look so happy in the pictures! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! I am now happily following you :D



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