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Monday, July 18, 2011

Why do we scrapbook?

Hi all

To preserve our history?  To tell our story?  To share our children's lives with them and with others?  For a creative outlet?  We scrapbook for many reasons.  One of my favourite things to do as a family is get out all of the scrapbooks and share what I have created with the kids.  They are the focus of the majority of the pages, and they love being the stars.  We tell and re-tell stories, over and over again.  We say "Remember when...?" and "That was so good..." and "That photo is beautiful..."!  It's always a nice activity in my house and we all love it.

One sound that we never fail to hear during these times is laughter!  We all inevitably end up laughing.  Even though our albums have people in Heaven and people we've lost along the way, there is always laughter.  

I don't have any form of OCD... Even the mildest form.  I am messy and my albums are not fully organised and they're not even chronologically organised.  But my kids don't mind.  They just dig them all out and off they go.
Two photos placed next to each other 
gives the effect of the rollercoaster's height!

I was going through some of my supplies tonight, beginning to think about getting organised for an upcoming scrapbooking retreat.  I pulled out these pages and laughed out loud!  They're not scrapbooking masterpieces, in fact I was trying to get lots of photos down, and quick!  I do like them though, because they make me remember!

We were in Bali recently on a family holiday with three of our children and my parents.  This particular day was spent at Bali Safari and Marine Park and we headed toward the rollercoaster.  All three girls were ready to jump on when they called me to jump on too! Who am I to disappoint my girls?  I jumped on and off we went.

I glimmermisted a chipboard
sign to tell where we were.
The part that made me laugh out loud was the memory. The memory of my newly ten year old, absolutely terrified, turned to me and said "Mummy-I-know-I'm-not-allowed-to-say-this-and-I'm-really-trying-to-stop-myself-but-I-don't-think-I-can-manage-ssshhh******tttttt!!!!!!"  Now, I would NEVER condone swearing from children and nor would I necessarily tell this story to many people.

The look of sheer terror on her face, her conscience battling with her inability to stop herself and the fact she actually did it!   I know I risk upsetting some of my followers (please don't be upset, I don't intentionally mean to offend you) but this is WHY this hobby appeals to us!  Can you tell she swore by looking at the photos?  No! Did I include it in my journalling? No, I would hate to offend members of my family - in this generation or future generations...  But, I have the memory and when I tell the stories of these pages, I include it.

Have I heard her swear again since this day?  Nope!  She even sincerely apologised for it when we got down off the ride (before the three of them jumped back on for another turn!).  Not fancy scrapbooking, but worthy of inclusion in my life story.  And my blog!

Creating memories, one moment at a time.


Lots of photos, but I can feel being there!

Oh, and here's Milly.  She gave up waiting for my lap to be free
tonight - I was too busy blogging! She's in front of a nice warm heater.
Love that dog!


  1. You need to scrapbook my travel stuff for me please. I will give you £3...

    Love reading your blog so far! Keep posting, I only just posted my 50th post yesterday but I think the way you are going eventually you will out do me!

  2. Milly is so cute! I loved your blog entry tonight. I scrap for the same reasons. There are so many unwritten things in the journalling, but the photos and the titles with a few well placed symbols is enough to remind you of all the little extra things that occurred that day. LOVE that you share the books with your kids. My favourite pages are the ones where I have put lots of photos and hardly any words. LOVE your rollercoaster layout. The pics say it all! x

  3. I think your layout is great, and I had to laugh at the story of your daughter swearing and that she just couldn't contain it -- it's one of those moments when kids do the unexpected! As long as she hasn't made it a habit or is disrespectful, what's said is said. Anyway, most kids have said a nasty word or two somewhere in their young lives -- part of growing up.

  4. I love to scrapbook too for many reasons! I haven't been able to do as much as I would like - why? because I am addicted to bloggin! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Melanie


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