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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My first ever challenge - Whimsical Wednesday's "Sense of Humour"

Hey everyone

I hope you're well and happy, and that life is treating you wonderfully!

You know what?  I'm so LUCKY!  Yep, I am!  I was born into a wonderful family with three siblings whom I love and my parents are awesome.  Now I have a family of "my own", five gorgeous kids and my real, honest-to-God soulmate to spend the rest of my life with.

I'm lucky in so many other ways too.  I live in Australia - so so so lucky for that!  Yet, I have been fortunate enough to visit other countries such as Indonesia and pass on some love... Whether it be gifts and time for the kids at the orphanage, or some money towards two Indonesian boys' education, I know my family and I have made a difference! How lucky is that?

Ok, so you may have realised by now - I love talking.  I talk a LOT!  So yes, I know I'm dribbling but I guess coz it's my blog, I'm allowed to, hehe.  We are one very busy family.  Not more busy than you and your family necessarily - it's not a competition by any means - but we are exceptionally busy.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.  We have the five kids schooling to run around for, we have sport, singing lessons, piano lessons, the kids' work commitments, OUR work commitments, playdates, sleepovers, birthday parties, family dinners, the occasional Church visit and lots of other things too...

My house is noisy too!  Noisy is the understatement of the year!  But you know one sound I hear every single day year in and year out?  Laughter!! We are one happy family and I love love love it!  How lucky are we that we laugh each and every day in our home, where we are safe, comfortable and loved like crazy.

Ok Shan, stop rambling and get to the point.  The point is I finished a double LO on the weekend that is PERFECT for my first ever challenge!! Whimsical Wednesday showcases wonderful scrapbooking talent the first Wednesday of every month and this week, their challenge is "Sense of humour"...

I went outside with my family and we were all playing a game of basketball.  I decided it would be a good time to grab my camera (read: iPhone) and take some happy snaps of the people I love most in the world.  Well, we were laughing for hours after this.  We all share a good sense of humour, we are able to laugh at ourselves but we definitely can also laugh at each other!!

Check it out:

I really do believe the saying "A family that plays together, stays together".  Which in our case, we'll be together for eternity, because we sure spend a lot of time playing and having fun.

I didn't take my cricut along to retreat so I have no wonderful hand-made embellishments to show, but I did use my new gorgeous "glitter silk" cardstock - look at the gorgeous sparkles in the black cardstock.  A little bit went a loooonnnggg way when I ran it through my Cuttlebug for the title...  I fell back in love with my Xyron too, I hadn't used it for ages, but it was so handy for the small letters.  Check out the brand new Candi too!  The little dots that are "legless brads" are so cool.  I won some from Chloe's blog, but then bought a heap more too!  (Gotta have one in every colour!)  I also used my brand new Tim Holtz Distressed inks, sponging here and there!

This was SUCH a cool day!  Totally unplanned, EVERYBODY in a wonderful mood and so so so so much fun!  The neighbour even popped his head over the fence to see what the fuss was about, haha!  Too funny!

They couldn't stop laughing long enough
 to actually stay on!

I can still hear them laughing out loud!
All composure was well and truly gone!

Jump on while you can!

Not thinking about Uni or exams at the moment! 


The pyramid crashes again!

The final product - 
a double LO that makes me laugh!

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time, I'll be creating memories - one moment at a time!


So often we're caught up in the hurrying around.  School,
singing, school, basketball, etc.  This is now a beautiful
memory, a moment in time!